Ananda Kanak Master Unit

Ananda Kanak Master Unit
323 Rang St. Louis
Saint-André-Avellin, Quebec J0V 1W0

Ananda Marga Master Units (MU) provide service to the community and act as spiritual and social hub of the neighborhood. Amongst the main goals of Master Units is to achieve self-sustainability in food, clothing, housing, education, and medical, and to encourage research in all of these aspects in an ecological, cooperatively run project. Obviously, those goals require community engagement and cooperation of a number of people. The first goal will always be to be self-sufficient with food.

Summer retreat 2017

A dedicated and devout Ananda Marga Monk takes care of the Ananda Kanak Master place and he receives guests, organizes meditation retreats, and does organic farming. The main crops are carrots, potatoes, beats, corn, variety of beans and pumpkins. Every summer on the first weekend of August, Ananda Marga in Canada conducts a summer retreat here.

The MU has 72 acres of land, mostly covered with dense forest and about 4 acres of cultivated land. The house is traditionally built with wooden logs and is more than 150 years old. It can accommodate groups of 5 – 12 people for retreats and weekend programs.  A large retreat center nearby is utilized for larger groups.

The quiet environment is a perfect setting for going deep into meditation. If you would like to visit Ananda Kanak or enjoy a meditation program there, please

and we will arrange a suitable time. During the coldest winter months (November to April), the activities are shifted to Ottawa and Gatineau.