Feeding Program in Los Angeles

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AMURT Los Angeles
1245 S. Norton Ave, Los Angeles CA 90019

Tel. 818 414-7737

Every Sunday early morning there is a long line of people waiting close to the corner of 5th St and San Pedro St in Los Angeles, an area known as Skid Row. People are full of expectation for an old white Ford van arriving with the materials for their breakfast. They get their plastic bags to keep snacks, and a spoon to enjoy their milky cereal. They also get miscellaneous fruit, Starbucks pastries, and fresh bread and bagels from Panera. Welcome to MamaD’s Kitchen.

AMURT has been involved with the hunger problem amongst the poor and the homeless in Los Angeles for the last 30 years. Our breakfast feeding through Mama D’s Kitchen is legendary amongst the folks of Skid Row. It makes a huge difference in their lives. The program is maintained entirely by volunteers and public donations.

Besdies the homeless, AMURT also serves low income families and the elderly with food packages. About 2,000 people benefit monthly from food assistance.

Breakfast for the homeless on Skid Row

Volunteer feeding team

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