Ananda Marga Center – Penn Valley California

Ananda Dhiiira Master Unit- A Calm and Peaceful Place

19393 Sanctuary Road
Penn Valley, California 95946-9700
Tel. +1 347 530 4424 / +1 530 432 3618


Email: ananda.dhiiramu [at]

 Main Activities

  • Weekly Dharma Cakra: Every Sunday at 5 p.m.
  • Yoga Classes: Monday and Thursday from 4:00 – 5:30 pm.
  • Yoga and Wellness Retreats and Special Events: Announced on the Facebook Page – Ananda Dhiira @anandadhiiramu

Ananda Dhiira Master Unit is a Spiritual Ecological Center serving the surrounding community with Yoga and Meditation retreats, Detox and Wellness retreats as well as social service projects. Ananda Dhiira is located in Penn Valley, near the South Yuba River State Park and occupies 20 acres of land, mostly covered with oak forest. There is a small creek passing through the property and a developing garden. The longest covered wooden bridge of the USA over the Yuba River and a lovely recreation area to chill out in the hot summer days is about 10 minutes-walk from Ananda Dhiira. All around, you can find walking trails with different kind of difficulty levels as well as duration with a big choice for every training and expectations. There is monthly bird watching organized by the nearby State Park and a huge variety of wildlife around such as wild turkeys, deer, bald eagle, robins, hares, skunks, California quails, coyotes, mountain lions, bears, etc.  The nearest city (Grass Valley) is 12 miles away, the closest supermarket is 6,5 miles away, as well as public transportation.

Only vegetarian food is served on the premises, and it is a requirement that the volunteers while they are in our compound, working with us, refrain from smoking and using any alcohol or drugs. Food and accommodation are provided, as well as meditation and yoga classes if interested.  For more information on volunteering, please contact Didi Ananda Acira at +1 347 530 4424 / +1 530 432 3618 or email at: anandaacira[at]


Volunteers in Ananda Dhiira

ANANDA DHIIRA is also welcoming people or families who are interested in spending a few days enjoying a calm and peaceful moment while learning about spirituality through yoga, meditation, and healthy yogic lifestyle.  As everyday life in the city with a hectic schedule and stressful moment, it is essential to spend some time and give “Me Time” to yourself. Living in nature with daily spiritual practice, and sentient food, promotes healing, recharging and gaining back the spiritual energy.  If you would like to stay a few days in the Ashram / Master Unit, an appointment with Didi is required for the availability of accommodation.

Yoga Classes at Ananda Dhiira

Yoga and meditation class is going on in Ananda Dhiira every Monday and Thursday from 4:00 – 5:30 pm. The class is offered in a small group so that every student will get outstanding care. The students will learn proper techniques of yoga postures (asanas), deep breathing exercise, deep relaxation, and meditation.  The student will get a chance to personalize their asanas under the guidance of Didi, and the woman will also get an opportunity to learn personal meditation.

Detox and Wellness Programs in Ananda Dhiira

Yoga and Detox retreats happen almost every month.  The detox program that we offer in Ananda Dhiira includes juice fasting, yoga, meditation, hydrotherapy (oil pulling, steam bath, infra-red sauna, mud pack, etc.) cardio/aerobic, relaxation, connect with nature, classes on general detoxification, mind empowerment, etc.