Ananda Marga Organic Farm

Ananda Dham Master Unit

42310 Lake Hughes Road
Lake Hughes, CA 93532


Ananda Dham is an Ananda Marga Master Unit located in Southern California’s Angeles National Forest. The property sits on 9 acres of farm land only 64 miles north of the Los Angeles International Airport. Nestled in the high desert mountains above the Antelope Valley, the property has been in the Ananda Marga family since 1993. After a wild fire in 2013 destroyed the entire orchard, the master unit has struggled to return to its former production and status. With environmental instability and the daunting problem of climate changes, it is thought to showcase Neo-Humanism and Ideal Farming for the world to see.

To launch the project anew there is a vision for recovery in three separate phases over the next several years. The first phase begins this year 2019, which is to bring the living quarters up to standards. Once complete in mid-summer, others will be invited to join as the gardening phase begins and work on the larger farm plan for the future. During phase two, the goal is to become as self-sufficient as possible, like-minded persons such as yourself will be invited to join in the effort.

Phase three, we be to ensure a working farm with associated cottage industries, a healing center and retreat destination for individuals, sentient organizations and for the Ananda Marga family.

Opportunities to participate include our most pressing need which is for labor, that is both unskilled and skilled labor. In the near future we will also will require certain professional services, legal advice, financial support, community support and moral support; all necessary for a successful project.

To participate or donate to the project or for more information, please Contact Us.