Ananda Priiti Master Unit

12076 Future Way
Atascosa, TX 78002
Tel: +1-210-421-7809


Master units are model rural multi-purpose development centers. The primary requisites of an ideal master unit correspond to the provision of the minimum requirements of food, clothing, housing, education and medical treatment in PROUT. They will expand all possible services, particularly in the fields of education, culture, economics, and spiritual upliftment. (Definition by Ideal Farming of P.R. Sarkar)

The Ananda Priiti Master Unit is situated at 12076 Future Way, Atascosa, Texas 78002, and is currently running by Assistant Rector Avadhutika Ananda Hitaprabha Acarya. Ananda Priiti MU was bought sometimes in the ’90s by the sincere efforts of local Margiis and Acaryas.

Ananda Priiti Master Unit is one of the Women’s Welfare Department (WWD) projects of Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha. The land is about 2.5 hectares. When we bought this land, the soil was not fertile and had sandy soil which was not suitable for agriculture and plantation. Then tons of garden soil was put into the middle of the land which made the foundation for three main buildings, car parking place and about 500 square meters of vegetable garden.

In 2016 due to lightening one building burned down. Local Margiis helped us to remove the leftover of the house. So now we have only two houses, one is for the main jagrti and another for accommodation place. Surrounding the central area of the land, we have varieties of fruits trees like pomegranate, persimmons, pears, plums, and figs. The vegetable garden is on the back of the main building. By the help of Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio Margiis, we installed a water system around the house which saved us from watering every single tree during the heated summers of Texas. In 2016, we installed a solar energy gate. Hopefully, we can make the whole electric and gasoline system of Master Unit replaced by solar energy which will save lots of electricity and gas.

Recently, we have finished making the firewood house and beautiful stove which will be serving for large groups of people for occasions of any spiritual retreats or events in the Master Unit. Additionally, we finished extending the roof from the backside of the main building. In 2019, we plan to have new projects for the Master Unit which are the extension of the roof on the left side for car parking and to avoid water damage to the left side of wood walls of the main building, a greenhouse for planting vegetables, and an open meditation hall replacing the burnt building.

The Master Unit has a beautiful and sublime vibration, and it is very calm. The serene nature makes anyone who visits feel so much peace and bliss. We have regular DC every Saturday. Akhanda Kiirtana for 3 hours is going on once a month and on different occasions of Ananda Marga celebration.