Quest Center

Ananda Marga Center / Ananda Vrati Master Unit / The Quest Center

411 Quicks Hill Road, Hop Bottom, PA 18824-7950

Ananda Vratii, The Quest Center started in 1988.  Ananda Vratii is located in the Endless Mountains in Northern Pennsylvania, a mostly rural area with farms, small villages and towns. The name Ananda Vrati means “With determination, one attains bliss,” a name given by Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji, the founder and Guru of Ananda Marga. The original building was built new by local Margiis on 23-acres of land that was donated to Ananda Marga. Ananda Vrati is near I-81 – North of Scranton, Pennsylvania, and South of Binghampton, New York.

Ananda Vrati at a Glance

  • 23 ACRES of land, most of it is covered by dense forest
  • It has a spring-fed stream and a site for a pond
  • High quality potable ground water, recently tested
  • There is potential for acquiring land nearby
  • Margii homes and homesites nearby
  • Brooklyn – nearby Village within walking distance
  • Montrose, Seat of Susquehana County is 10 miles away
  • 30-minutes-drive to Scranton, and 40 minutes to Binghampton
  • 15-minutes to Interstate 81
  • Community Use of Large Hall – Yoga Classes
  • The Quest Center is the home of the Spiritual Sports and Adventures Club – SSAC

Activities have included

  • Leadership Training and Team Building
  • Young Spiritual Warrior Camps
  • Junior Girls Camp
  • Spiritual Warrior Training for Women and Men
  • Adventures of Consciousness
  • Bike and Hike Adventures, on and off-road
  • Ananda Marga Seminars and Retreats
  • PROUT Trainings, Community Mediation Workshops
  • Agriculture – Beekeeping, Gardens for Flowers and Vegetables Maple Syrup Production


The land and construction of the new building started in year 1988. In year 2013, the construction was started of a new wing attached to the original building. The internal structure of the original building was also completely replaced by new internal walls, kitchen, dining area and utility rooms. Ananda Marga has invested over $180,000 for the construction and renovation project at Ananda Vrati in the last five years.


Funds are sought to complete the re-build of the Center.  It is estimated to finish the buildings will be around $90,000 and another $30,000 for completing landscaping and additional finishing work. Your help is needed and invited.  To contribute to the project, please contact [us] for further information, every donation small and big will make a great impact.