Advance to the Next Level: Layers of the Mind

  • Human existence is multi-faceted, but most of it we’re not consciously aware of. We use only a small part of the mind in our day-to-day activities, but there’s a whole world in there to be explored. We tend to limit our awareness to the most superficial levels of existence, just as a frog thinks the pond it lives in is the only pond in the world; it doesn’t conceive of the possibility of more.

    But beyond sensation; beyond perception; beyond even thought itself, in the deeper realms of existence a whole world of infinite knowledge awaits.


”One will have to seek with the highest love, in the innermost recesses of the heart, in the most solitary jewelcase of the mind.”

    Shrii Shrii Anandamurti


    Now it’s time to step into a new dimension: the Layers of the Mind course. This is the follow-on course to the sessions you’ve just done. In it we’ll explore the realms of human existence and beyond, and continue with our inner search for bliss.


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