Cosmic Philosophy 6: Prout 2

  • Namaskar. Welcome to Session 6 of the Cosmic Philosophy course.

    Let’s go on now to conclude our look at the main aspects of Prout.

    • Cooperatives

    Cooperatives are “the best expression of human sweetness in the physical realm” because they function as units of coordinated cooperation, and each member has the feeling of oneness with the job because she or he contributes directly to the operation and decision-making process of the cooperative. Incentives provide inspiration and motivation, and the wealth and resources of many individuals are combined in a united way.

    Cooperatives will be the optimal means of production and distribution of goods and services in any decentralized economy. In fact, they must operate within a decentralized economy for their success.

    In general, production should be for consumption rather than profit. In other words it should be according to real demand, not artificial demand created by misleading advertising or other means.

    • Maximum utilization of all resources and potentialities

    Maximum utilization means that any particular object serves the maximum number of people for the maximum amount of time. This implies modernization. The effects of modernization in an economy where production is for consumption and not profit are: decreased work hours, increased quality and quantity of production, the saving of time and energy, and the freedom of people to use their leisure hours in enjoyable and elevating pursuits.

    • Rational distribution of wealth

    The universe is the collective property of all, because we are all members of the one universal family. But people often express their inherent desire for expansion materially; by accumulating physical wealth and resources. The world’s physical resources are, however, limited. The human desire for acquisition must be catered for, but at the same time it is unrealistic for any one person or group to accumulate physical wealth without limitation.

    “If a person acquires and accumulates excessive wealth, he or she directly curtails the happiness and convenience of others in society. Such behaviour is flagrantly antisocial.”

    Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

    So the resources of the world should be rationally distributed, just as a healthy human body distributes and utilizes all its resources in a balanced way.

    Rational distribution means the distribution of wealth primarily according to one’s needs, and secondarily according to one’s contribution to society. It does not mean equal distribution regardless of contribution, as that would destroy the incentive for work in people’s minds.

    • Minimum requirements of life guaranteed to all

    The basic necessities of life are food, clothing, shelter, education and medical care. Everyone should have access to these necessities through adequate purchasing capacity from either meaningful employment or social security for those unable to work.

    “If a single person dies due to lack of the minimum requirements of life, the whole society is to blame.”

    Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

    Purchasing capacity is the true reflection of the standard of living. It should increase with increase in the collective wealth. In addition, appropriate incentives for special merit and skills beneficial to society should be provided to encourage the dynamism and evolution of human endeavor and achievement. The spirit of the workforce should be one of coordinated cooperation, leading to a steady increase in the collective wealth of the society and all-round social progress.

    • Freedom of expression in all spheres

    Prout encourages freedom of expression in all aspects of life beneficial for the collective good.

    The fundamental human rights are spiritual practice, indigenous culture, education and local language. Education should be free for everyone up to the highest level, and should be based on strong foundations of morality and spirituality. Art, music and literature – as with science – should always be in the spirit of welfare. For this reason science and technology should always be under moralist control, and the media – along with the arts and education – should be completely free from political interference, either direct or indirect.

    “Always utilize science for the welfare of humanity. Those who misuse science for destructive purposes are enemies of humanity. Science should always be cultivated with a sentient motive. The collective welfare of living beings will remain a distant dream unless science and worldly power are fully controlled by sentient people.”

    Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

    Ecologically sound policies such as integrated farming, forestation, water conservation and alternative energy must cater for the integration of human culture within the ecosystem, thus extending the concept of welfare to animals, plants and the whole planet.

    “Human beings must be cautious from now on. They must restructure their thoughts, plans and activities in accordance with the dictates of ecology. There is no alternative.”

    Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar

    “This path to attain happiness… I call absolute devotion. Carry on performing your worldly duties with sincerity, and at the same time think about the pure Self within you. The constant thought of your pure inner Self will certainly one day establish you in your original source, and this is the ultimate aim of spiritual practice.”

    Shrii Shrii Anandamurti


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