Cosmic Philosophy 4: Neohumanism

  • Namaskar. Welcome to Session 4 of the Cosmic Philosophy course.

    We are all members of the same universal family because all beings in the universe exist within the one infinite Cosmic Consciousness. To express that relationship of unity, the mystic philosopher Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar introduced the term Neohumanism. It means the practice of love for all created beings of the universe, animate and inanimate. Humanism means proper regard and compassion for people – for human beings. But it doesn’t include other beings – animals, plants and the various aspects of nature. Neohumanism is the spirit of humanism extended to all: the elevation of humanism to universalism. It is an all-encompassing concept – embracing the whole world as our home and family; an interconnected and harmonious web of unity. It means the expansion of one’s inner love for humanity in every direction to include all people and all creatures of the universe, as part of the one Cosmic family.

    “When some people started advancing, they thought more about themselves and less about others; nor did they think about the animals and plants. But if we analyse with a cool brain, it becomes quite clear that just as my life is important to me, others’ lives are equally important to them; and if we do not give proper value to the lives of all creatures, then the development of the entire humanity becomes impossible. If people think more about themselves as individuals or about their small families, castes, clans or tribes, and do not think at all about the collectivity, this is decidedly detrimental. Similarly, if people neglect the entire living world – the plant world, the animal world – is this not indeed harmful? That is why I say that there is a great need to explain humanity and humanism in a new light, and this newly-explained humanism will be a precious treasure for the world.”

    Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar

    “This path to attain happiness… I call absolute devotion. Carry on performing your worldly duties with sincerity, and at the same time think about the pure Self within you. The constant thought of your pure inner Self will certainly one day establish you in your original source, and this is the ultimate aim of spiritual practice.”

    Shrii Shrii Anandamurti


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