Cosmic Philosophy 1: The Cosmic Cycle 1

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    Now, welcome to the Cosmic Philosophy course, the follow-on to the Layers of the Mind course.

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    Now for the first session!

    The Cosmic Cycle is called Brahma Cakra. It’s named as such because it occurs within the Cosmic Entity (Brahma), starting and ending at the point of pure Cosmic awareness. So the whole universe exists within the infinite Cosmic Entity in a never-ending flow. All its diversities are the transitory transformations of part of the Cosmic Entity in a continual process, with different parts of existence at different stages at any one time. This implies that life and the universe will never end, but that parts of it are continuously being created from the Cosmic Entity and concurrently merging back into It.

    The Cosmic Entity (Brahma) is everything. Everything exists within It, and nothing exists outside It. In fact, there is no “outside” because It is infinite and eternal. There can be no existence separate to infinity.

    Brahma is composed of two parts: the Cognitive Principle (Consciousness), and the Operative Principle (Force). They are inseparable, just as fire cannot be separated from its capacity to burn, or two sides of a piece of paper cannot be separated from each other.

    For philosophical purposes, Consciousness is given the male gender and His Force the female gender. Under His direction She transforms part of Him into the universe. She is always under His control. He does not act but allows Her to act. It’s as though a blind person was carrying around a paralyzed person: the blind person moves around under the direction of the one who can’t move. One is the action; the other the thought behind the action.

    The Operative Principle (Force) has three attributes, or sub-forces. The subtlest is the sentient force; the middle the mutative force; and the crudest is the static force.

    The Cosmic Mind is formed from the Cosmic Consciousness in three stages by the action of these three forces. First a small portion of Consciousness is metamorphosed into the Cosmic sense of existence (feeling of “I am”) by the sentient force. Then a small portion of that I-feeling is transformed into the feeling of “I do” by the mutative force. Finally part of the “I do” feeling is transformed into the “I have done” feeling by the static force. All three states together make up the Cosmic Mind, existing within the original Cosmic Consciousness.

    Then continued bondage by the static force on the “I have done” feeing of the Cosmic Mind causes further metamorphosis of the “I have done” feeing into the fundamental factors of the universe. So the Cosmic Mind comes from the Cosmic Consciousness, and the universe comes from the Cosmic Mind.

    “This path to attain happiness… I call absolute devotion. Carry on performing your worldly duties with sincerity, and at the same time think about the pure Self within you. The constant thought of your pure inner Self will certainly one day establish you in your original source, and this is the ultimate aim of spiritual practice.”

    Shrii Shrii Anandamurti


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